Why this Blog Exists

Hello everyone!

To be brutally frank, this blog exists because I am using you. I am using you as my accountability partner to keep myself on track with the goals I want to be making. I’m decent enough at getting things done on my own, but nothing keeps me going like knowing someone is going to check in on me to see if I’m doing what I said I would do.

I am a perfectionist. I wish I could say that I was simply a go-getter, or goal-oriented, or even a high-achiever. Unfortunately, the reality is that for a very long time I was rather nasty to myself if I did not do things as perfectly as I envisioned I should. A crippling meltdown, some therapy, and a drastic change in location later, I am beginning to learn how to accept myself. The drive to be the perfect individual still lurks in my psyche, and now I try to channel it into simply being productive (as opposed to being a slave driver). I believe trying to make incremental changes 30 days at a time is a respectable and, more importantly, realistic way to make progress without allowing myself to go off the deep end.

As of this moment, I have chosen to make progress in two areas of my life each year, which I break down into no more than three subcategories. Hopefully such provisions will help me from attempting breakneck speeds or expecting everything to change at once.

Life is one big experiment, so I am sure something about this blog will change as time goes by and as I learn more. If you enjoy reading about how my journey is going, feel free to tag along. Friends are always welcome.


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