DAY 1: August 10th

Success: Exercise, Nutrition, Mind, Language
Uncompleted: none


What: complete an exercise video everyday.

Success? YES.Completed “Core Fusion – Body Sculpt.”


What: track my food intake everyday.

Success? YES. Used Weight Watchers.* Only tracked food intake.


What: read 30 minutes a day.

Success? YES.


What: use my SRS every day to learn new cards and review old ones

Success? YES. Studied 301 cards in 67 minutes today.

*You may be wondering, why Weight Watchers? While I believe there are several good options for food trackers on the internet, I wanted to use something that I thought could tell me a little bit more about the nutritional value of the food I was choosing. It was important to me not to choose something that simply tracked calories, as I feel I need to become more food-literate about what I’m putting into my body than simply knowing its caloric value. Is Weight Watchers the best program? No idea. I plan on using it until it stops working or I find something better.


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